In 2016 and 2017 the CRISMAS project partners will have quarterly meetings to exchange knowledge about their lessons learned during their respective all hazard risk assessments and the development of risk management strategies. These lessons will be digitally shared on the CRISMAS online community.

In addition, during the project two international meetings will be organized for the whole European community of public risk assessment and risk management experts:

May 2017 – Brussels

The project hopes the organizing committee of the bi-annual EU Civil Protection Forum 2017 will grant the opportunity to have a CRISMAS workshop in which the results and lessons of the implementing partners can be presented. Participants of the Civil Protection Forum will be invited to join the CRISMAS community and engage in active debates on the future of risk assessment and risk management.

November 2017 – Brussels

At the end of the project period an EU wide CRISMAS conference will be organized. Target group are all public experts on risk assessment and risk management from both local/regional and national governments. The conference is expected to be organised in Brussels the day before or after one of the regular meetings of the EU Civil Protection Committee, so that it is easy for the national representatives to attend and get to know the local/regional experts and their experiences. In this way the EU CRISMAS community makes connections between all government levels.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are set.