Risk Assessment

National, regional and local risk assessments, vulnerability assessment, bow-tie & domino assessment, capability assessment and capability planning. Both ‘all hazard’ and risk specific.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Tunnel safety, transport of hazardous substances, spatial safety, flood safety, resilience and risk communication.

Crisis Management

Emergency planning, training and exercises for civil protection, the fire services, medical emergency management, and 112 emergency rooms, municipalities, regions and provinces. Networking cooperation of public organizations with vital infrastructures and private companies.

Public Health

Strategy & policy, vision, project and interim management for Public Health. Emergency planning for Public Health crises. Interconnection between Public Health, Social Domain and Safety.

Social Domain

Process management, information & monitoring, crisis and emergency protocols for the Social Support Act and the Youth Care Act. The interconnection between Public Health policy, Social Support and Youth Care.

Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Risk assessments, emergency planning, training and exercises, continuity planning and visitations for ambulance services, hospitals and general practitioners.

Medical Emergency Management

Strategy & policy, vision, project and interim management for Medical Emergency Management. Cooperation projects between institutions for Medical Emergency Management, Public Health and Crisis Management.

Fire & Rescue Services

Crisis management, risk assessment, fire station coverage & response times, water safety, CBRN defense and hazardous substances.

Integrated Safety & Security Policy

Risk assessment and local policy planning for ‘all hazard’ safety & security.


Environmental impact assessment, SEVESO policy, transport of hazardous substances and spatial planning.