including organisation consultancy, policy consultancy and public administration consultancy.

Interim management

including organisational development and reorganization.


including short term and long term projects focus on strategy, processes and/or content.

Competence management

including training, qualification profiles and development of curricula for risk and crisis management professionals.

Methodology development

including development of methodologies for risk assessment, quality management and review instruments.

Policy and strategy

including visions and strategies for the future, organisation plans and policy plans.

Research and evaluations

including incident evaluations, exercise evaluations, policy evaluations, risk assessments and environmental impact assessments.

Quality and monitoring

including quality visitations, benchmarking, auditing and incident supervision.

International projects

including international projects for exchange and development of knowledge and expertise, peer review and cross-border cooperation.

Emergency assistance

including such roles as Public Health Advisor Hazardous Substances, operational Director Public Health and General Commander Medical Emergency Management.