Result oriented

To get anywhere, you have to know where you are going. Already in the 6th century BC the Chinese philosopher Lao Zu has articulated this perfectly. Our experience is that the description of concrete goals and a good project assignment requires a lot of sharpness. More than once after careful inquiry, it appears that an organization actually requires a different kind of support than imagined in advance. Only with a clear problem definition and clear deliverables and milestones, we can start our joint journey with our clients and find the road to the desired end results.


As a consultant you’re temporarily part of the ‘journey’ of a client. When the results are achieved, the organization itself again must continue the work. This means that we always use the implementability as a touchstone for our success and that we actively involve the people within the organization. In this way everyone is able to continue the journey on own strength when we are gone.

Feedback and reflection

The world never stops. During a journey the landscape changes and sometimes also the travelling fellowship within an organization might vary. It is easy to continue automatically on the road taken. However, we believe that as consultants we have to be open and sincere sparring partners for our clients. This means giving feedback on what’s going well and what is not. And adapt our role to changing circumstances and even dare to make yourself redundant.

Switch and connect

No issue can be considered in isolation. Interconnections on content-level and in the process always have to be taken into account strategically. In our view the continuous exploration of linkages with relevant developments is a vital success factor. This means, not only an integrated approach to the required knowledge and expertise, but also the continuous switching between levels: from content to process, to strategy, to networking relations.

To know and to be known

We attach great value to the personal relationship with our clients. We are not a large company where you arrange an assignment with the famous name, only to see it being performed by an anonymous junior. We are who we are. We do assignments as individuals and as a team, depending on the need. Where necessary, we can always tap into additional expertise in our immediate vicinity.