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    Chi Brouwer

    Are there riskassesments known of useful methods for analyzing the effects of power outage on public health services? We are gathering the several methods for our project about power outage and effects on public health services as well as the effects on ICT/Telecom and emergency services.

    Thanks for your reply in advance
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    Chi Brouwer

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    Ruud Houdijk (ITINERIS)

    Recently in the Netherlands a specific methodology has been developed for risk assessment in health care. It has been developed by the Traumacentre South-West Netherlands, part of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. The tool is developed for risk assessment of regional risks that might threaten the regional continuity of the health care system, but it can also be used by individual health care organisations.

    The first step in the approach is risk identification, using a tool that lists all potential internal and external risks for the health care. The regional risk identification, comparing the outcomes of risk assessments of individual health care organisations and of the 3 safety regions (civil protection organisations) in that area, resulted in the selection of 22 risk scenarios that might have impact on the regional continuity. Power outage actually is one of those 22 scenarios.

    The second step is a risk analysis that is in fact a scenario analysis. The regional scenarios are analysed on likelihood and impact. The scenarios include a standardised description, including time lines and impacts on different health care organisations: ambulance services, hospitals, general practitioners and public health agencies. The regional impact on the health care systems as a whole, is analysed using the so-called ASC-method:
    • 4 A’s for regional problems: annoyance, accession, assistance and all
    • 5 S’s for health care impact: staff, stuff, space/structure, systems and stakes
    • 3 C’s for management of the situation: conventional, contingency and crisis

    For more information (in Dutch), see:

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