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    Ruud Houdijk

    What impact criteria did you define for your municipality/region?

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    Ruud Houdijk

    In the Netherlands we use 10 impact criteria:

    1.1 Infringement of the territorial integrity
    2.1 Number of fatalities
    2.2 Number of seriously injured & chronically ill
    2.3 Physical suffering
    3.1 Financial costs
    4.1 Long-term damage to flora & fauna
    5.1 Disruption to everyday life
    5.2 Violation of the democratic system
    5.3 Social psychological impact: public (out) rage and anxiety
    6.1 Damage to cultural heritage

    The numbers 1 to 6 correspond to the Dutch ‘vital societal interests’ (see other forum discussion).

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    Åshild Steinberg Holmen (Stavanger)

    1.1 Fatalities
    1.2 Injuries and illnesses
    1.3 Physical stress
    1.4 Psychological illness

    2.1 Long-term damage to nature or environment

    3.1 Financial and material losses

    4.1 Social unrest
    4.2 Disruption of daily life

    6.1 Loss of cultural values

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    Manuela Campoli (Regione Emilia-Romagna)

    For Forlì we have defined 8 impact criteria (for the 5 societal values):

    1.1 Casualties
    1.2 Serious injured and ill (physical and psychological)
    1.3 Displaced and lacking basic necessitities
    2.1 economic costs
    3.1 Damage and loss of environmental value
    4.1 Damage and loss of cultural heritage
    5.1 Disruption of public order and security
    5.2 Sociological and psychological impact

    All criteria have 5 levels:
    A – Limited consequence
    B – Substantial consequence
    C – Serious consequence
    D – Very serious consequence
    E – Catastrophic consequence

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    Liliana Tincu (Ungheni District)

    In Ungheni we have compared the criteria from the Netherlands, Norway (Stavanger), Italy (Forlì) and the national method from Germany. We have selected 13 criteria.

    Human impact (negative impact of a disaster on population)

    • Deaths/Casualties
    • Severily injured or ill people
    • Permanently displaced people
    • People with special needs

    Economic impact (quantification of material and economic losses generated by the occurence of risk phenomenon)

    • Losses and direct costs of aid, relief, repair and recovery
    • Indirect (social) costs and losses
    • Structural damage to economy

    Environmental impact (refers to the area affected by a risk event)

    • Disruption of ecosystems
    • Environmental pollution
    • Loss of ecological value

    Social and political impact (refers to the persons who cannot make usual family, community, social activities as a result of risk event)

    • Social psychological impact
    • Disruption of daily life
    • Loss of social cohesion
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